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Do you need drugs and / or alcohol to feel confident, cope with stress, avoid pain and discomfort, enjoy yourself, function on a day-to-day basis, increase your energy levels, feel part of your social circle or satisfy a craving?

We work in partnership with Catalyst, a specialist non-profit organisation, to support people in Surrey who want help with their problematic drug use and those who are dependent on alcohol and want to stop or control their drinking. Our main office is in Guildford but we are a Surrey wide service with clinics across the county.

Our multi-disciplinary team consists of doctors, nurse specialists, substance misuse specialists, recovery workers, counsellors, care managers, social workers, a carers’ liaison officer and administrators. All are highly experienced at helping people affected by drug and alcohol misuse and their families.

We offer advice and information, one-to-one and group sessions and detoxification services to support you with your recovery. 

If you are concerned about your substance use, or are concerned about someone you know please get in touch with us.