Do you feel your drinking is starting to impact your life? Do you want to cut down or feel more in control of your drinking? We can help. 

f you are aged 18+ and live in Surrey, we can offer a variety of support depending on your current level of alcohol use.

You can refer for alcohol support by contacting us on 0300 222 5932, from 9am to 5pm between Monday and Friday, or by completing our online referral form.

Feedback from people who have attended sessions

“The Alcohol Support Worker was professional, a good listener and did not force me to make changes I wasn’t able to commit to i.e. stop drinking for good. I now have a better understanding of why I drank and feel more in control through mindful choice.”

"I have felt an immense change inside of myself after having these sessions. The tools and education provided around lifestyle and balance has helped me to achieve my goals. The Alcohol Support Worker was very kind to me, supportive, helpful and knowledgeable."

"I have found these sessions very beneficial. I felt it was very important to speak with someone on my wave length and the Alcohol Support Worker fitted the bill perfectly. He was caring, understanding and on the other end of the phone when ever I had a wobble."