These two drugs are very similar and have sedative and anaesthetic effects. Both of them produce a feeling of euphoria, reduce inhibitions and can cause sleepiness. They can both kill and are even more dangerous when used with other depressant or sedative drugs. You may have heard of GHB / GBL being referred to as a “date rape” drug because of the sedative effect and the fact that it is undetectable by taste. It’s a typically odourless and colourless liquid and is usually taken orally, although some people do inject it.

The risks of using GHB/GBL are:

  • Overdose – this is common and can cause coma and even death
  • Withdrawal symptoms including anxiety, seizures, delirium and tremor. These are often resolved within three to 21 days, depending on your use
  • If you’re sedated then you’re not in complete control of your body. This leaves you vulnerable to hurting yourself accidentally and also to other people who may take advantage of your intoxicated state.