“The staff at Windmill House are amazing, you can talk about anything and they give you the confidence and willpower to keep going in recovery.”

“The programme has built my confidence in that I feel I can remain abstinent – it has boosted my self-belief.”

“With all my heart, I would like to thanks the staff that made it possible for me to have the opportunity and the support that has helped me to get well and more importantly, stay well.”

“The programme has woken me up; a fantastic experience
and I feel much more confident.”

“I have kept all the paperwork to remind myself of behaviour habits and coping strategies.”

“I have found my time in Windmill House very helpful and informative: it really opened my eyes to how negative I had become.”

“Thank you for your care and support in what has been a difficult time for me.”

“Being at Windmill House has opened my eyes to my addiction and taught me the basic things I need to keep me safe and help me manage my problems. It was hard work but well worth it. The service is excellent.”

“Praise to all the staff and their patience. With your help I feel positive that I can make a new start by not drinking and have the strength to carry on my life sober.”

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