While staying with us, iPlan, our unique care planning tool, helps people look at all aspects of their life - from basic essentials such as finances and accommodation to health needs, emotions and communication.

It also helps people identify key areas that they need to address as a priority. Regardless of how far people get with that process, we see the positives and offer as much help and support as we can.

We know that each individual’s journey is intensely personal. At the same time, we believe that everyone benefits from thinking positively about their general wellbeing while they are staying with us.

We support people to eat healthily and stay hydrated; use relaxation techniques or alternative therapies to help them get the best quality sleep; and encourage people to access our personal trainers and gym facilities - all principles we hope people can take with them when they leave us.

Introducing structure into people’s daily routine is important too. Once their detoxification is complete, we help people to organise and engage in activities which support their recovery. This could be rekindling hobbies and interests and re-establishing relationships and attending appointments.

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