Everyone who comes to Windmill House receives full medical and physical examinations when they arrive.

These take into account their personal, medical and psychiatric history, as well as 
their history of substance misuse. They include an ECG, a chest X ray and testing and vaccination for blood borne viruses where appropriate.

Based on these results, our medical team devise a detoxification plan with the person, which starts as soon as possible and is individualised according to their specific needs.

During detoxification, we encourage people to attend our preparatory groups. These are designed to prepare people for intensive group therapy, provide people with skills to cope with the transition from substance misuse to active recovery and provide opportunities to meet others and share experiences.  In order to access the four week therapy programme people must be committed to full abstinence from mild-altering substances.    

Therapeutic programme

Our therapeutic programme groups are designed to give people intense support, refresh their life skills and provide opportunities to meet others and share their experiences.

We focus on helping people to develop their day-to-day coping skills and improve their self-esteem. We provide a range of recovery focussed groups to encourage people to look forward and put plans in place to achieve their goals but also to reflect on their lives in order to build self-awareness and understanding of their addiction.  The groups run six days per week with Sunday being the only day during which there are no groups.  People in treatment are also expected to spend time off the unit engaging in recovery focussed activities as part of their care plan once they have completed their detoxification. 

Members of local Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) fellowships also visit, providing invaluable links to ongoing support in the community.

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