Our multi-disciplinary teams consist of doctors, nurse specialists, substance misuse specialists, recovery support workers, occupational therapists, counsellors, care managers, social workers, a carers’ liaison officer and administrators. All are skilled and experienced at helping people affected by drug and alcohol misuse, their families and carers.

We support people who use our services to engage in a robust, collaborative recovery focused, holistic care plan that will help make and sustain life-style changes and address underlying addiction issues.

Part of this plan is to encourage people to engage with our colleagues with the Intuitive Thinking Skills programme who have expertise in supporting people in to work and education with a variety of interventions. These include brief courses, advice, support, and help with education, training as well as the skills necessary to gain employment.

How to refer

We accept referrals from GPs and other referral agencies including social services, CMHRS, non-stat drug and alcohol services, hospitals, other mental health professionals, probation services and self-referrals.

Please use our referral form and ensure that we are provided with good, high quality referral information as this is a vital for the efficiency and effectiveness of our service provision. It is vital that all sections of the form are fully completed as incomplete information may delay an offer of an appointment.

Who to refer

We help people who use drugs or alcohol either problematically or dependently and those who may need opiate substitution therapy for opiate dependency.

We advise that you only contact us regarding people who have agreed to being referred.